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Has Apple lost its core? What 2016 could hold for the tech giant

Yesterday our Head of Technology, Nick Braund, did the media circuit, appearing on both Sky News and Channel 5’s Live News show, to discuss the fallout from Apple’s latest results for the final quarter of 2015.

Whilst these were record breaking – in iPhone sales, revenue and profit ($18.4bn, breaking their own record for profits in a single quarter) – the industry was very underwhelmed. Their growth was down on predictions and Tim Cook also admitted that he expects a revenue drop of 13% for the period ending 31st March 2016 – the first drop in 13 years.

Two-thirds of Apple’s revenue comes from sales of the iPhone and if sales continue to drop then this could spell serious issues for the tech giant. However, with the eagerly anticipated launch of the iPhone 7 in the final quarter of 2016, an expected iPhone for the developing world (Apple 5SE) and rumours surrounding Apple’s activity in the wireless connectivity, VR and potentially automotive industry, there are plenty of opportunities yet for Apple to become the latest Virgin and cleverly pivot the business to focus heavily on another sector.

In this clip, Nick discusses what Apple could do next to reverse their fortunes in 2016:

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