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Kate Middleton – The Hair and Beauty PR’s Dream

Kate Middleton’s hair has been her trademark ever since the Royal engagement thrust her into the spotlight not so many years ago. Simply smiling at the camera with her hair glossy and expertly blow dried is sure to have inspired women around the world to hit the salon, dye their hair brunette and attempt that volume that Kate makes look so effortlessly fabulous.

In our eyes Kate’s hair can do no wrong – when she stepped out of the Lindo Wing, Prince George in arm, only a day after giving birth we all gawped at how she could possibly look so put together – is she really human? So when Kate was spotted with a few grey hairs last week it was no surprise that the story made news in every paper and magazine in the UK.  The Duchess was proven to be actually just like us, making the possibility of us all achieving ultimate perfection that tiny bit more attainable.

This is just one example of how Kate’s hair is a beauty PR’s dream allowing respected brands such as L’Oreal and Garnier, for example, to effectively PR their hair colours as a way to combat such grey hairs. Simple knowledge that celebrities undergo day to day activities is exciting to us every day people and also works as a vehicle for brands to promote their products.

So many of Kate’s hairstyles have been the envy and inspiration to those around the world as well as being fantastic PR vehicles:


The Wedding Hair Style

Image Courtesy of Paul Marriott, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of Paul Marriott, flickr. com

We had all debated and envisaged what the future Duchess’ hair would look like on her Wedding Day and we were not disappointed when she appeared with her hair in romantic waves falling behind her shoulders showing the full detail of her dress. Not only was this a fantastic PR opportunity for Kate’s hair stylist James Pryce, who described the job as the ‘gig of the century’, but for hair and beauty PR’s all over the country who followed this by offering tips and advice on how you too could get Kate’s wonderful hair style using their respective brand’s products and tools.




The Classic Blow Dry

Image Courtesy of gem_106, flickr. com

Image Courtesy of gem_106, flickr. com

The Duchess of Cambridge is renowned for her constantly bouncy and impeccably styled blow dry. This gives hair stylist’s PRs the opportunity to give tips and advice on how the public can achieve this perfected style and also hair electrical brands the opportunity to promote relevant products. Products like the Nicky Clarke Pro AC 2000 Hairdryer can be promoted much more effectively off the back of a hook like this, showing the public that the style really is achievable if you follow the right advice – and it works, I’ve tried it!



Post Baby Hair

Image Courtesy of Fusion iStar,

Image Courtesy of Fusion iStar,

It was noticed, by a few that Kate’s hair was looking slightly less bouncy than usual and a little grey after the birth of Prince George. This short lapse, however, not only worked to an advantage for hair and beauty PR’s who advised how their clients could help you bring the life back to your ‘do, but also for health PR’s who’s clients were able to advise as to why Kate’s hair may have lost a little life post pregnancy. An example of this is dermatologist Justine Hextall who explained in relation to Kate’s hair – ‘women find their hair looks thicker and shinier during pregnancy but hormonal changes kick in after having a baby’.

We are all now waiting for the day Kate does completely lose her colour and we find out that ‘grey is this season’s hottest shade’. If Kate can do it – we will be sure to follow.

The Royal Blow Dry

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