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Is this FINALLY the year Leonardo DiCaprio will achieve Oscars glory…?

As the 2016 Oscars loom, Leonardo DiCaprio fans will be on the edge of their seats – with memes and hashtags at the ready – anticipating whether this is THE year when the famous Titanic star will finally win an Oscar.

As the saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. This is certainly what DiCaprio has done, having missed out on winning all of the previous four Academy Awards he’s been nominated for. His performances in the likes of; ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’; ‘The Aviator’; ‘Blood Diamond’ and ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ have all earned him nominations, but sadly to no avail. The latter prompted the circulation of the hashtag ‘#GiveLeoAnOscar’ with fans appalled he once again missed out, while others created ‘memes’ poking fun at the celebrity.

Leonardo Oscar Fail Meme, Image courtesy of Brian Corder on Flickr

Leonardo Oscar Fail Meme, Image courtesy of Brian Corder

Controversially, some critics believe he is yet to win an award because he is actually yet to deserve one. Arguing as well that he has half his career still ahead of him and it is not uncommon to win these types of prestigious awards over the age of 40.

However, it appears DiCaprio has pulled out all the stops with his latest film, enduring temperatures of minus 25 degrees, (without gloves or hats as it was set in Autumn) and jumping into freezing cold waters, in the hope of securing the much sought after award. He’s truly put his heart and soul into The Revenant admitting that he’s “done everything (he) could possibly do”. With this in mind, you have to question – if putting himself through these hellish conditions doesn’t get him the Oscar, then what can!?

 The Revenant 2015 Movie, Image courtesy of Stylish HD Wallpapers on Flickr.jpg

The Revenant 2015 Movie, Image courtesy of Stylish HD Wallpapers on Flickr.jpg

Whilst playing down his disappointment, telling interviewers, he doesn’t do it in order to win awards, it seems Dicarprio may be slightly bitter; confessing that he felt some previous awards may have been given to the wrong people.

His performance in the Revenant has already won him a Golden Globe award for Best Actor, a SAG award and a barrage of industry recognition, but will 2016 be the year that Leonardo DiCaprio gets the full sweep of award victories? Let’s hope he has a Oscar-worthy ‘gracious loser’ face ready to go, just in case it isn’t fifth time lucky…

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