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New Faces of Burberry for Autumn / Winter 2012

Image Courtesy of Victoria Nguyen,

Image Courtesy of Victoria Nguyen,

Gabriella Wilde and Roo Panes have been named the newest models to take over from Eddie Redmayne and Cara Delevingne.  Wilde, a relative newcomer in the entertainment industry, will be starring alongside Chloe Mortez and Julianne Moore in the upcoming remake of horror classic ‘Carrie’.

Image Courtesy of Inaki,

Image Courtesy of Inaki,

Roo Panes, folk singer, has recorded his mellow folk-inspired songs before for the fashion house.  The iconic brand represents British tradition and everything London through imagery, film, music, weather, and their beloved outerwear. Highlighting Burberry’s heritage and incorporating all that the brand has grown to represent, these two new faces bring everything that’s at the heart of the Burberry world.   Check out below for a sneak peak of the AW12 campaign!

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