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Measuring success – the importance of transparency between agency and client

We’re now well into Q4 – notoriously the toughest time of year for small and medium-sized businesses – with budgets squeezed, targets to hit and stakeholders to please ahead of the new year. Value for money and a sound return …

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Zoella: Advent Calendar Conundrum

Zoella: a household name, especially for any U16 year old with access to YouTube (all of them). And fair play to her, she’s built a beauty-based empire with a massive and hugely dedicated following worldwide, and now has thousands of …

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‘I’m a Celebrity Help My Career!’

There are few things in the TV guide that gets viewers on the edge of their seats as ‘I’m Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ the showbiz program renowned for its stormy feuds, gruesome bushtucker trials & heartwarming jokes provided …

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Italy’s Hottest Tech Start-ups

When you think of Italy you may well think of great food, fascinating history or world class central defenders. What you may not think of is a tech hub with many exciting companies looking to disrupt a multitude of fields. …

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Can Theresa May’s Government Survive?

By Sophie Davidson, Public Affairs Intern   When Theresa May called an election this year, there is no way she could have predicted what was to come. A minority government is a constant risk, and since this government was formed, …

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How Edinburgh has become London’s rival tech hub

Edinburgh has become synonymous with technology in recent months, and boasts an impressive entrepreneurial pedigree, having been voted entrepreneurial city of the year in 2016. With tech accelerators, such as Seed Haus, picking Edinburgh as their next hot location, the …

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Can a brand survive without social purpose?

Corporates should collaborate with charities to grow CSR policies into social impact strategies   CSR has (thankfully) largely moved on from the tick-box exercise of the noughties, and today many corporates make a measurable difference to their communities. But for some …

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iPhone X Social Media Camera Animoji

iPhone X: Made for Social Media

A new iPhone launch is pretty much guaranteed to make a big splash; there’s the hype before, the constant chatter, the infamous Apple Store queues and of course, the fallout. The weeks where the only things you see on Social …

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What the tech is…a black hat, a white hat and the grey hats in between?

Hacking is typically synonymised with criminal activity. Ask people the first thing that pops into their head when you say hacking and it’s highly likely they’ll cite Anonymous, WannaCry, or picture teenagers locked up their rooms furiously trying to breach …

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Abuse of Power

With the news agenda firmly fixed on individuals in high powered positions, taking advantage and exploiting colleagues in the workplace, questions must be asked surrounding boundaries. Where is the proverbial line drawn in the sand?  British Para-Swimming finds itself as …

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10 Start-Ups to Watch at TechDay London

This Friday, hundreds of the UK’s hottest start-ups will flood to TechDay London, London’s largest start-up event. In anticipation of the show, we’ve handpicked our 10 favourite up-and-coming brands, from virtual personal assistants to miniature medical technology. If you’re a …

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Jared O’Mara and the Unforgiving Eternity of the Internet

‘Just cos he writes about gayness and gay issues, doesn’t mean he drives up the marmite motorway.’ ‘I just think that this story is much more poignantly romantic than fudge packing Jake.’ ‘A rhythm section that’s tighter than your mother …

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