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This Week We’re Wishing For…

1. Rihanna’s Sculpted Bod…

Image Courtesy of janietulip,

Image Courtesy of janietulip,

Never one to shy away from a daring, flesh flashing number Rihanna wowed us PHA Lifestylers with her black Armani creation. What really caught our eye however, was her fabulously toned physique and perfectly sculpted arms! We simply must know how to achieve this look before the difficult ‘bikini months’ are upon us…




2. Taylor’s gorgeous gown…


Image Courtesy of venessa kay,

Image Courtesy of venessa kay,

Now, we must be honest; Taylor Swift is not usually at the top of our fashion ‘watch list’ HOWEVER, her amazing Zuhair Murad gown has placed her firmly on our radar with its gorgeous golden tones and beautifully intricate detailing!







3. Adele’s flawless face…  

Image Courtesy of zooropa140,

Image Courtesy of zooropa140,

Big winner of the night Adele not only had us all in a flutter over her stunning performance but also with her totally flawless skin and perfectly polished make up. Her porcelain complexion, ‘old school Hollywood lashes’ and vibrant red lips are evidence enough that Karl Lagerfield should commit to a very very…. Very long vow of silence!




4. Style error…. Ann V hits a wrong note!  

In a break with our traditional format we decided to add in a quick nod to ‘what we are not wishing for’. On this occasion it falls to Adam Levine’s gorgeous other half Ann V to provide us with an example. Ann’s barely there frock certainly emphasises her amazing physique but unfortunately the slinky black fabric, and split up to the crotch will not be winning her any awards in the style stakes.

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One comment

  1. I am loving Adele’s Old Hollywood Glam look! She is looking incredible and its great to see her back out doing what she does best.

    One thing I have to comment on though (and I may live to regret this!), I would really like to see her wearing something other than black. I know this flatters her new figure and she has had some beautiful dresses at recent awards ceremonies but it would be great to see a splash of colour every now and then.

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