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Top 10 MedTech Brands to Watch at CES 2017

The year’s most anticipated technology show is nearly over! CES 2017 has shown us some incredible innovations this year and along the way we’ve been highlighting our pick of the most exciting brands exhibiting in Vegas this week. To round-off our nine-part series, here’s our top 10 favourite medtech companies at CES 2017:

  • Nima: Our first medtech pick is perfect for clean eaters and coeliacs alike: Nima is a portable gluten sensor. Users place a tiny portion of food inside the sensor, which has one-time use capsules, and within three minutes the gadget will confirm whether or not the food is gluten-free.


  • Holi: This French start-up is all about helping you get the best night’s sleep possible. GOODVIBES is their gadget to help guide you to sleep using gentle light, inspired by yoga techniques.
  • Hatch Baby: Hatch Baby’s aim is to reinvent the nursery, starting with their Smart Changing Pad. This IoT gadget helps parents accurately track their baby’s growth, nappies, feedings and sleep via an app.
  • Tinylogics: The MemoBox from Tinylogics is a Smart Pillbox, which helps remind users or their families that a pill needs to be taken, flashes to prevent accidental double dosage, and sends an alert when the box has been left at home. A clever connected device that can reduce the stress of looking after your own health or that of loved ones.
  • AcousticSheep: Founded by a family doctor and her video game developer husband, AcousticSheep create headphones to wear in bed, to help users fall asleep. Their SleepPhones completely sold out in their first year, so watch this space!


  • SealShield: This company creates medical screen protectors, keyboards and more for hospitals, to prevent the spread of infection. SealShield are leaders in antimicrobial hardware and UV disinfection devices for tablets, computers and mobile phones.
  • RightEye: RightEye uses eye-tracking technology to help improve vision and healthcare. The technology can help assess concussions, Parkinson’s, autism, vision and more.
  • VivaLnk: The Fever Scout from VivaLnk is a plaster-like wearable thermometer, sending information to an app. Perfect for concerned parents who can continuously monitor their sick child’s temperature.
  • EcoLife: This Polish company is all about helping us breathe better. Their sensors monitor indoor air quality, smog, temperature and humidity. EcoLife are creating a network of devices that share measurements from other areas in your city. The sensors then give health, lifestyle and safeguarding advice based on your readings.
  • Happiest Baby: Our final pick of the top medtech at CES is a device for the next generation: a smart bed for babies. Founded by a paediatrician, SNOO is a smart sleeper from Happiest Baby, which plays soothing white noise and gently rocks to help your baby sleep – for a better night’s rest for babies and parents alike!


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