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Top 10 Robotics Companies to Watch at CES 2017

If there’s anything that just screams ‘Sci-fi’, it’s robots. At this year’s CES, robotics is making exciting strides in innovative and useful devices for the home and for play. Here are our top 10 favourite robotics brands to watch at the show:


Soon to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Bodyfriend is the dominant player in the Korean massage chair industry. The company turned over an impressive US$250m of sales last year, with 70 per cent growth between 2011 and 2015. We’re excited to see them expand into new markets and change the way we chill out at home (and at work!). So sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


Brought to us by Paris-based hardware and software company Theory, Hypersuit is a virtual reality simulator for extreme experiences, designed to enable everyone to physically experience intense sensations and “explore breath-taking universes safely”. Termed as “an extension of you with infinite possibilities”, the simulator, which uses Occulus, will allow us to escape reality and enter an entirely new one. Perfect for January blues.


Backed by the world’s leading EMS, New Kinpo Group, XYZPrinting is the global leader in affordable consumer grade 3D printers, revolutionising the way schools, businesses and people at home interact with the technology. They manufacture and ship the most 3D printers globally and topped the global 3D printer market share consecutively in 2015 and 2016. There’s plenty to come from these guys in 2017 – watch this space!


XYZprinting create affordable, accessible 3D printers


A genuinely heart-warming robotic concept. Yumii revolutionises the daily lives of the elderly by simplifying the interactions they have with their families, carers and doctors. Precursor of automated home care assistance, their Cutii robot gives everyone the opportunity to share quality moments with elders through specially tailored activities and services.


We often say the start-up world couldn’t function without one of these guys. Techstars is an accelerator that helps entrepreneurs build their businesses. Primarily funding technology-oriented companies (typically web-based or other software companies), they are a team of entrepreneurs there to help other entrepreneurs, which they bill as a good deal for all parties involved.


Robots, but not as we know them. All about connected play, these guys are “injected with humanity and personality”, so they take into account what we know, what we love, and who we are. Unlike traditional toys, these robots are changing the way people play, learn and explore by fusing emerging technology with the latest innovations in robotics. Their different products serve different purposes, even helping students to understand coding, maths, and spelling. Destined for further developments in 2017, Sphero is definitely one to watch.


Sphero’s Star Wars edition BB-8 toy


Ever had that annoying glint of sunlight poke you in the eye first thing in the morning? FlipFlic is a solar powered and easy to install device to retrofit blinds and optimise daylight management, to ultimately save time and money. The removable device attaches to existing blinds and automatically adjusts the position of the slats according to the room temperature, lighting conditions, changing weather and time of day.

Go Touch VR

The company behind VRTouch, a revolutionary haptics interface for Augmented and Virtual Reality. What does that mean? It’s a wearable ring that uses haptic feedback to create the sensation of real touch, under the user’s fingers. Coupling virtual and real contact generates an illusion of touching a real object in virtual reality. Compatible with Virtual Reality headset, including Oculus, HTC Vive, OSVR and Google Daydream, we’ll certainly see more of VRTouch in the New Year. More generally, we’re excited to see how haptics develop and continue to complement the VR and AR wave.


Does exactly what it says on the tin. Immersit is quite literally immersive sitting. It turns your sofa into one which will enable you to physically feel everything taking place on the screen in front of you. Immersit starts vibrating based on the film you are watching or the game you are playing immersing you right in the action to revolutionise the way we consume – and experience – entertainment. We see this as very much the future of cinema!


Who actually knows how to fold a shirt like they do in the shops? With FoldiMate, you’ll never have to learn. From now on FoldiMate will fold your laundry quickly, consistently and just like a sales assistant. It can even perfume, soften and de-wrinkle while it folds. Talk about game changing!

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