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Top 10 Smart Home Companies to Watch at CES 2017

One of the most highly anticipated consumer technology trade shows is here. CES is a platform that gives amazing insights into the latest technological innovations and 2017 is no exception.

There are a lot of companies out there changing and shaping the future. One particular area that has witnessed a lot of growth is smart home and appliances.

So let’s take a look at the top smart home and appliances companies that are standing out from the crowd out this year at CES.

  • SmarterPlacing the heart of the home in the kitchen, Smarter is leading the way when it comes to global connected devices, with the FridgeCam, iKettle and Coffee Machine. They have made it possible to access household appliances from anywhere in the world is, moving the kitchen into the modern and digitally driven world. Smarter’s mission is to make chores a thing of the past through affordable connected home appliances.
Smarter's FridgeCam

Smarter’s FridgeCam


  • Audio AnalyticUsing unique software, Audio Analytic is acoustically connecting the home. Its devices recognise sounds around the house including fire alarms, glass panels breaking and even a baby’s cry. When a concerning sound is picked up the home owner is alerted drastically improving security and giving people peace of mind.
  • BlinkThe award winning battery-powered video home monitoring system is the fastest-growing smart security device on the market today. Blink is revolutionising home security through high quality video, motion and temperature sensors. Not only is the device an affordable security option, it also has a battery life of up to two years.
  • Ecoisme: The smart home energy monitoring system lets you know how much you are paying for your home appliances helping you manage your bills. By detecting home appliances, solar and grid energy, Ecoisme can help you reduce your energy bills by 15% as it lets you know just how you can optimise the energy within your home.
  • Cocoon LabsThe British company offers the simplest way to protect every room in your home. It is the only smart home security system that uses sound-based AI and unique subsound technology to continuously monitor activity. One Cocoon that is only the size of a baseball, is powerful enough to secure every room in your house.
  • BedditBeddit have developed various products that track your sleep, including the Beddit 3, that is providing the most detailed sleep analysis. Its ultra-thin sensor and patented sleep tracking technology is clinically validated by leading sleep professionals and scientists. It examines heart rate, sleep, breathing and even the environment around you, giving you the best analysis and insight.


  • DoorbirdTo cater to the ever growing mobile world, Doorbird lets people answer the door from anywhere. The sophisticated smartphone door station makes it impossible for renters and home owners to miss a visit, making life more convenient. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you have the power to communicate and speak to anyone at your door.
  • EZVIZEZVIZ connects people through video technology and allows people to witness important moments no matter where you are, where you go, or where you wish you could be. Never miss a first step or the first smile, with EZVIZ you are reassured that you will that you catch the all important moments.
  • EmfitThe world’s first contact free heart-rate-variability is an enabled recovery, stress and sleep quality tracker that is helping everyone who needs a deep insight into sleeping patterns. Developed by professionals with over 150 years’ experience, Emfit gives a detailed picture of progression through out the night.
  • SmanosOffering all round solutions for today’s mobile-driven lifestyles from WiFi, cellular, app-enabled DIY home alarm and video systems to remote energy and security management, Smanos ensures users have complete control right at their fingertips giving them comfort and peace of mind where ever you are.

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