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Top 10 Telecoms and Infrastructure Companies to Watch at CES 2017

A recent forecast by HIS predicts that the IoT market will reach 30.7 billion connected devices by 2020, and a staggering 75.4 billion by 2025. With so many devices expected to be connected to the internet, and consumer demand for seamless operability increasing by the day, resilient and interoperable infrastructure is an essential need. Here we take a look at the top 10 companies and standards bodies working to provide the backbone of the smart-future that we think will make an impact at CES 2017;

  • Qualcomm Technologies: A world leader in next-generation wireless technologies, Qualcomm Technologies is spearheading the 5G revolution, creating the necessary infrastructure to support autonomous vehicles, cellular-connected drones, and real-time health-tech. Having announced the acquisition of NXP in October 2016, Qualcomm is poised to create the semiconductor engine for the connected world.
  • Marvell: Experts in storage, network infrastructure, automotive and wireless connectivity, Marvell will be highlighting how its technology can enable faster access to data, securely and reliably at CES 2017. Of particular note, will be its optimized 25 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) complete end-to-end data center solution, which enables data centers to improve efficiency and computing bandwidth. With cloud platforms widely adopted across the globe, the need to keep up with the massive flow of data travelling through the cloud is essential.
  • Civil Maps: With the number of autonomous cars set to rise exponentially in the next few years, reliable and secure infrastructure will be needed to prevent accidents and provide the best service possible. Enter Civil Maps who are delivering self-learning cognitive perception software systems that replicate human context to enable machines to perceive, orient and respond to the physical world. Through combining localisation technology and artificial intelligence, they are creating a new generation of maps for fully autonomous vehicles to pave the way for mainstream adoption.

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  • Broadcom Limited: Fast, secure and efficient wireless connections are a must-have for today’s technology consumer. Leading the way in design and development is Broadcom who supply a broad range of analog and digital semiconductor connectivity solutions that serve the wired infrastructure, enterprise storage and wireless communications. Having announced shipments of the world’s first 16nm and highest throughput knowledge-based processors for next generation routers and switches, they’re one to watch at CES this year.
  • CellControl: As our technology gets smarter and ever more integrated in our daily routines, the need to ensure we stay safe whilst using it out and about grows. Enter CellControl, the driver’s co-pilot that eliminates the threat of mobile distractions such as the temptation to talk, email, text and shop online whilst driving. The software also provides customizable tools which can provide alerts and feedback on how to improve driving standards.
  • Greenwave Systems: As we move towards a smart-world, with connected devices and smart-cities becoming the norm, we need infrastructure that will safely connect people and all the devices that make our lives better and more efficient. Greenwave’s infrastructure software enables IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) network architects and service providers around the globe to address security, interoperability, scalability, and flexibility from a single IoT platform; Axon Platform.
  • Fybr: Another infrastructure system that seeks to make the most out of the IoT’s potential is Fybr. Through monitoring activities like water and gas leaks, ground and ambient air temperature, marked improvements can be made to public safety, security, utilities, building infrastructure and the environment. Designed completely from the ground up, this new digital infrastructure is on the way to supporting existing physical infrastructure.

  • HomePlug Alliance: A leading powerline technology standards body, HomePlug Alliance is comprised of companies working to develop technology specifications and certification programs for powerline networking. The backbone of the Smarthome revolution, powerline networking has been a fragmented industry for a number of year. One to watch out for at CES 2017, as HomePlug’s powerline networking technology has hit maturation as a global broadband standard.
  • Everything: A company that believes strongly in the future where every physical device will come to life digitally in some shape or form, Everything is providing the platform to truly realise the Internet of Everything (IoE). Passionate about utilising the trillions of new fata connections between objects, people and applications to make companies smarter and improve customer experience, Everything is definitely one to watch out for at CES 2017.
  • Wireless Power Consortium: WPC is a group of leading manufacturers across a wide range of industries working towards un-tapping the powerful potential of wireless charging. The group’s main aim is to create an open standard for wireless charging that is built cooperatively by the industry and implemented world-wide. As the ability to charge connected devices wirelessly becomes not only widespread but increasingly expected, there is a real need to ensure global standards for wireless charging are created.

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