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Top 5 Social Media Campaigns of 2011

With it being the beginning of a new year, PHA Digital have got together to discuss our favourite social media campaigns of 2011.

2011 was a year of social media development. It was no longer about getting the most ‘likes’ on Facebook or increasing your following on platforms. It’s about doing something a little out of the ordinary – doing something innovative and new.

When deciding our Top 5 we didn’t simply opt for the big spenders or the largest campaigns. Instead, we’ve looked at creativity, imagination and impact as a measure of success.

Here are our Top 5:

 1.    Perrier’s Le Club
This was the very FIRST YouTube video to reveal more information depending on views. It got ‘sexier, steamier and wilder’ as the number of views went up.

There were 6 different versions to unlock – each content more revealing then before. Viewers could unlock the next video themselves by simply ‘sharing’ it via email, Facebook or Twitter.

This resulted in around 11 million visitors to the YouTube channel, a social media buzz that made Perrier’s online imagine ‘hipper’ and ‘sexier’ then ever before.


2. and the Charlie Sheen Campaign

After a disastrous TV interview featuring Charlie Sheen, many saw nothing but a fallen ex-star. When he joined Twitter and tweeted about #winning, took the initiative to pay for Sheen to find the perfect intern.

This resulted in unprecedented social media attention for Sheen who now has nearly 6 million followers. 


3.    The worlds biggest hug campaign by Monumenta.

This was a campaign with a cause. To raise awareness for sexual exploitation in Brazil.  The statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ (one of the seven wonders of the modern world) was used to spread the message.

The statue’s spotlights were turned off for two days, allowing projections to create an illusion that Christ was closing its arms.


The message was spread all over Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – with the YouTube video clocking up thousands of views and people tuning in all over the world.

This is a great example of how a big PR stunt can cause a huge stir on social media!

4.    Smirnoff Exchange

In November 2011, 50 countries celebrated the best of the world’s nightlife.

Smirnoff set out a Facebook campaign, asking for people to suggest and vote for their favorite nightlife ideas – giving a chance to attend!

This lead to an increase of 5,000 ‘likes’ and over 8,000 photos uploaded by partygoers.

The campaign began as an attempt to market the brand online but it soon became much more about an interactive, shared experience. Exactly what social media is all about!


5.    Heinz: ‘Get Well Soon’ Heinz tomato soup Facebook campaign

This campaign gave consumers the chance to send someone a personalised can of Heinz soup with a personalised ‘get well’ message.

In October alone it had almost doubled the size of the brand’s Facebook community. It also increased sales with thousands of customers spending £1.99 to send a poorly friend or relative a can.

This campaign was cleverly launched at the start of the ‘sniffles season’ – an excellent example of an innovative social media campaign leading to company success.

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