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Top Emerging Tech We Saw At The Technology Expo 2015

Last week, the The Technology Expo played host to a multitude of tech brands, each showcasing their latest and greatest innovations in emerging technology. The event at London Vinopolis is a new tech show, aimed at highlighting the most exciting developments across augmented reality, contextual technology, virtual reality, wearables, IoT and more. The Expo was a fantastic combination of conference talks and exhibitions of brands’ creations, as well as the popular TTE Awards 2015 which honoured the most impressive technology on show.

As Gold Sponsors of The Tech Expo, PHA Media were lucky enough to meet and try out some of the most interesting, exciting and unusual brands exhibiting. Here, we give you our top five emerging technologies as seen at The Technology Expo 2015:

PHA Media at The Technology Expo

  1. Draw and Code

Draw and Code were showcasing their combined virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experience, which brilliantly lets multiple users interact in the same 3D environment. One user can enter the world with a VR headset, and other users join on tablets using AR.

Draw and Code’s approach creatively solves the current niggle that virtual reality is usually a solitary experience – the software is aptly called Companion.

  1. Catchoom

Barcelona-based Catchoom has created impressive image recognition software – the way consumers interact with brands may look very different in the years to come. Catchoom’s technology means that brands can build apps to give consumers access to online information, experiences and action points, just by capturing images with their phones or tablets.

For example, if you’ve run out of milk, you can hold your phone over the bottle – or even direct smartglasses at it – and the software within an app will recognise what the packaging is. The app can then direct you to click to order a new bottle again online.

In stores, shoppers can scan a product to access online product demos. When you hold your phone over an advert in a magazine, an app using Catchoom can let you directly click to buy the product.

Catchoom’s technology could truly revolutionise the way we interact with brands.

  1. Vizuality

Vizuality is a Jersey-based company offering some of the most immersive VR experiences. Their headset and motion tracking software combine to mean that you can walk around and explore your own virtual world as you see fit.

The products have fantastic implications for architects who can walk around a building before it is built, or for homebuyers who can explore their dream home. A hugely popular use for the technology will surely be gaming, with Vizuality providing an impressive immersive experience.

PHA Media VR Headset

  1. BugFinders

With more and more of us shopping online and moving our interactions to the digital sphere, software bugs can be a costly deal breaker if consumers choose to go with a competitor due to frustration or impatience. BugFinders provide comprehensive software testing services to identify and prioritise bugs in software. Their purpose is to improve a product’s time to market as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

  1. Rewind

We were lucky enough to get a go on Rewind’s dizzying Red Bull Air Race, a VR experience that lets you virtually sit in an aircraft and be taken on a high-speed trip around key Red Bull Air Race tracks in a 3D world. Rewind have also integrated a console function so that users can control the plane themselves. They’re no stranger to working with big brands to create unique interactive experiences, such as a VR tour of a £16.75 million mansion for Savills, and a 360 degree view from the heart of the BBC Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor.


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