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Top ten biometrics companies to keep your eye on

Over the past couple of years we have witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of biometric solutions entering the market. Cybersecurity applications typically grab the headlines – an understandable trend given the frequency of data breach stories that often boil down to inadequate passwords.

While these financial applications are undoubtedly exciting, it’s important we also recognise the companies that are harnessing the power of biometrics for alternative solutions, such as physical security, remotely monitoring health and even improving the quality of video games. Here are the top ten biometrics companies, security orientated and otherwise, that we think you should be keeping your eye on.


Biyo promise their wallets are the future of payment solutions. They replace the need for an ID or pin code by linking up your payment card with the unique vein patterns in your palm, which they say are untraceable and can’t be replicated. Once you’ve registered your hand you simply need to scan it when you want to make a payment.


AimBrain combines behavioural, facial and voice authentication into a single platform, enabling financial service providers to authenticate users easily and accurately. The company was chosen to participate in the first cohort of CyLon, the UK cybersecurity accelerator, and was a winner of an acceleration award in a recent UBS Future of Finance global start-up competition.


Sthaler creates fast, convenient and secure finger vein payment solutions. Their flagship product, Fingopay, turns your finger into an ATM. It is already being used at proud Camden to allow individuals to identify themselves, pay for drinks and food, and access events just by using their finger. This removes the costs of manufacturing, distributing and management of plastic cards.


EyeVerify provides biometric verification for mobile devices. Their Eyeprint ID uses the camera on your smartphone to pattern match the blood vessels in your eye. The application protects data with a high entropy encryption key which is equivalent to a 50-character password.

Argus Global

Argus Global are helping make keyless access a practical reality for commercial, industrial and domestic premises through their range of biometric security and authentication systems. Which includes fingerprint technology and facial recognition software. They also have over a decades experience in the justice sector, developing biometric solutions that improve efficiency, minimise costs and mitigate the risk associated with identifying people.


Nymi have developed truly unique authentication technology. Their premier product, the wearable Nymi Band, verifies users through their cardiac signature. When the user wears their band, they are able to unlock devices and doors, make contactless payments and even personalise IoT experiences.

ContinUse Biometrics

ContinUse Biometrics is the first company to develop an integrated, remote and contactless sensor platform that both authenticates users and monitors their health – from general well-being to the tracking of various chronic diseases. The technology works through analysing the vibrations related to the movement of molecules and internal organs. This enables the continuous measurement of over 20 bio parameters, including muscle activity, heart and lung sounds, glucose and alcohol levels, as well as heart and respiration rate.


HealthyRoad is creating biometric technology that can tell when a driver is drowsy, distracted or stressed, through face tracking, eye analysis, emotion detection, and heart rate measurement. The idea being that if the driver falls asleep or is in a poor physiological state they will be alerted, getting their attention back on the road and reducing the likelihood of an accident. HealthyRoad’s Driver Monitoring System is being tested by the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and they also have a consumer-facing mobile app for drivers.


Sekg is the first cloud-based platform for the emotional and behavioural analysis of gamers. It is an online tool driven by objective biometric data analysis, gameplays and real time reporting from a targeted audience. It helps videogame developers to understand their audience which improves user engagement, retention and ROI.

Sync Project  

The Sync Project is a group of scientists, musicians, technologists and patients that are working together to create a platform that will map music characteristics to real-time biometrics to develop personalised music therapies. If successful, they could enable patients to receive treatment without the dangers and side effects of pharmacological products.

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