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Top ten worst media interviews of all time

In this post we’ve identified the top ten worst (and funniest) media interviews of all time, extracting some of the best examples from our free downloadable eBook “Top Ten Crisis and Reputation Management Interview Tips”

1)    David Cameron loses the plot

What happened?

David Cameron gets a grilling over gay equality. In the interview he clearly forgets his lines and is reduced to shaking his head, pointing and asking to start over.

PR Tip: Make sure you’ve established the party line

2)    Sarah Palin has read “most” newspapers

What happened?

Sarah Palin was asked some very tricky questions about which papers she reads and struggled to think of one.

PR Tip: Be prepared

3)    Paxman vs Howard

What happened?

Perhaps Paxman’s most infamous interview was with Michael Howard. In this interview the presenter asks “did you threaten to overrule him” 12 times.

PR Tip: Answer the question

4)    “Move on, there’s a good fellow.”

What happened?

Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom doesn’t see why “Bongo Bongo” is racist in an interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

PR Tip: Don’t be condescending

5)    “you are borderline being a little bit rude”

What happened?

Christine O’Donnell walked off mid interview when Piers Morgan pressed her on her views on gay marriage. O’Donnell says “you are borderline being a little bit rude”.

PR Tip: Don’t walk off

6) Too tired to turn up

What happened?

The refusal of Rail Track’s chief executive to attend a Newsnight interview because he was “too tired” is a classic example of how not to handle a crisis.

PR Tip: Don’t bury your head during a crisis

7) Chief Executive of the British Dental Association stops interview

What happened?

Peter Ward, the Chief Executive of the British Dental Association, stops an interview with the classic line “la la la la la la la la la”.

PR Tip: Don’t assume because it’s a pre record what you say won’t be broadcast

8) When a promotional interview turns into a crisis

What happened?

Charlize Theron claims press Intrusion ‘Like Rape’, resulting in a media storm

PR Tip: Think before you speak.

9)    When PR stunts go wrong

What happened?

Daewoo launched a PR stunt, but had no prepared answers or facts to back it up

10)Don’t answer the phone!

What happened?

The world’s worst media interview. Phones, gum and a mini fight!

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