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Travel Apps worth packing this Summer

That time of year is nearing its way closer, the one we all await with eager anticipation…Summer! Alas the British summertime is never quite as predictable as we hope it to be, May/June last year saw us experiencing what felt like a never ending heat wave, but this year’s Summer weather has been mainly washout – although, I am feeling hopeful as I look out of the window and see the sun rays poking through.


As depressing as the English weather can sometimes be, it is always a comfort knowing that a holiday awaits you in the near future. And lucky for us there are thousands of apps available to make this experience run as smoothly and wonderfully as possible, from booking the flights right through to the lazy beach days.


To save you some holiday browsing time, I have made a survival kit full of the apps you can’t travel without this Summer! You can find my favourites as follows:


Browsing and Booking your Holiday

• Travel Tip-off: We recently said goodbye to the likes of Ceefax and Teletext, however the Travel Tip-off app brings you the best of their services, allowing you to browse the top holiday deals currently up for grabs.



• Appiholidays: This handy app has a range of holiday deals for you to browse at your fingertips!



AllSubway: A fantastic idea for an app – The AllSubway app provides underground maps for 128 different cities, meaning that wherever you travel you’ll be able to find your way around easily and quickly.


Urbanspoon: Unsure of where to dine out? Not any more! The Urbanspoon app will list you the best-rated restaurants in the area!


Killing Time:

Monopoly: You can’t go wrong with a classic game of Monopoly, play this on the plane, waiting at the airport and even by the pool.


Temple Run: Trying to beat a high score is the best way to past time in an overcrowded airport. Temple Run is a one-player game allowing you to get lost in your own little world!



iBooks: Lucky enough to have an iPad? Why not use your iPad as a Kindle, download your favourite books, and read them at your convenience.


Capturing Memories:

SocialCam: Growing in popularity by the day, the Social Cam app allows you to capture videos and edit them accordingly. A fun way to capture those special holiday moments.

Photosynth: This app allows you take 360 panoramic view photos of your location – the best way to share your holiday destination with the people back home.


So, while you are sitting there planning your nearest escape route to the hottest country with the cheapest flights, don’t forget to think about the apps you are packing to go with as well!

If you have any other apps to recommend, please let us know in the comments section below, we’d love to hear your suggestions!
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