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Twitter Wars

Celebrities have taken to Twitter and social media causing quite a stir by publicly arguing with one another.
Arguments on twitter are now being referred to, as ‘Twitter Wars’ but are these arguments affecting the reputation of the celebrities and social media?

We’ve seen smaller arguments between the likes of Kendall Jenner and Rihanna to the more extravagant tweets from actress Amanda Bynes, aimed at various different celebrities.
It became common knowledge when Amanda Bynes turned to twitter to voice her opinions of a number of celebrities. Some of them were in retaliation to comments; although some were unprovoked, all of which caused a stir.
Amanda has recently been reported about, on numerous occasions regarding the welfare of her health and state of mine; but does this come from just her behavior in general or does it link in with her behavior on social media sites such as twitter?

Celebrities are voicing their opinions and comments about others but are they considering the effect that it may have on their own reputation within the news as well as with fans retaliating to these comments.

One celeb that Amanda aimed her online aggression at was Rihanna. She tweeted: ‘Chris Brown beat you because you’re not pretty enough’

Luckily Rihanna took the high road on this one and let it go without replying.
Lilly Allen has taken a different approach when voicing her opinion, through her new music video for song ‘Hard out Here’. She recently tweeted her video causing a bit of a stir and discussion about her references, or digs, towards Miley Cyrus’ ‘twerking’, Rihanna’s dancing and Robin Thicke’s balloon signs. Although it seems that Lily’s video is intended as her making a stand more than it is to cause an argument. She’s already number two in the chart days after release and the video seems to be making quite an impression on everyone; hopefully a positive one.


It doesn’t end with just celebrities’ using social media as a battleground; brands have taken to twitter as an opportunity to up their reputations in comparison to other rival brands. Just last week we saw comedian, Kevin Bridges, tweet Cadburys about a product of theirs. After a lack of response from Cadbury’s, Galaxy stepped in offering a basket full of chocolate treats to be sent to Kevin. (See pictures below)




It leads us to think – are celebrity wars about publicity and are they affecting the reputations of the celebrities and how necessary are they? Arguing online can give the wrong impression to readers and fans and it may therefore cause an unnecessary backlash. One thing that celebs should consider is the examples that they are setting for their fans and readers. Galaxy used the idea of ‘Twitter Wars’ in a positive way for their brand and gained a great response and reaction from it.


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