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We chat to….UFC star Luke ‘Bigslow’ Barnatt


Image Courtesy of Helen Parish,

Image Courtesy of Helen Parish,

Last Saturday marked the return of the Ultimate Fighting Championship to the British capital. Hosted at London’s o2 arena, UFC Fight Night London brought together some 15,000 fans, all in attendance to enjoy a Fight Card oozing with talent. This was a night like no other.

One of the evening’s biggest success stories came from Cambridge man Luke ‘Bigslow’ Barnatt who took the win over Swedish opponent Mats Nilsson. Somewhere in amongst the post-fight celebrations, Luke kindly took the time to answer a few questions from us. Here’s what he had to say…..


Image Courtesy of kysersoze718,

Image Courtesy of kysersoze718,

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on the win in London. You looked on top of the world when you left the Octagon on Saturday. Sum up in one sentence what that win meant for you and for your career in the UFC
It solidified me as a legitimate threat in the Middleweight division.

You’re in Dallas this weekend for UFC 171 Hendricks vs. Lawler. What do you make of the headline fight and who do you expect to come away with the win?
This fight is insane, I’ve been a HUGE Ruthless Robbie Lawler fan forever and since Hendricks exploded onto the scene with lethal KO power and unstoppable wrestling everyone’s taken note. I’d love to see Robbie take the W because I’ve been a fan for so long! But Johnny probably takes this with his wrestling ability.

Where is your favourite place to fight in the world and why?
London. Why? Because we have the best fans in the world and Fight Night London at the o2 was insane this weekend. I can’t wait until Feb 2015 so I can do it all over again.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?
5 years older… life changes so quickly! 5 years ago I hadn’t even completed a MMA lesson, or watched a fight live… now I’m undefeated in the UFC. So In 5 years I can accomplish anything.

What is your ultimate motivation track that helps you to get up and train in the morning?
I go through phases! Right now I can’t get Radio Active by Imagine Dragons out of my head. But probably war pigs by Sabbath!


Image Courtesy of Helen Parish,

Image Courtesy of Helen Parish,


Which UFC fighter…..

Has the best fighting talk:
Chael Sonnen

Has the best banter:
Chael Sonnen

Has the worst dress sense:
Chael Sonnen

Has the worst taste in music:
Chael Sonnen

Is the smartest:
Chael Sonnen

Who has been your toughest opponent to date and why?
Colin Hart… because I punched him 127 times and he didn’t fall over.

Finally, if you were stranded on a desert island with two other UFC fighters, who would you choose to join you and why?
Gina Carano – for obvious reasons…
Meisha Tate – Because variety is the spice of life.


Watch UFC 171 Hendricks vs. Lawler on Sunday 16th March from 2am GMT on BT Sport or catch the early prelims exclusively on UFC Fight Pass from 10pm. Visit for all the details

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Photos by Josh Hedges.



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