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Viva Las Vegas! A View from CES 2017

I’m sat writing this on the tarmac at Las Vegas’ McCarren airport waiting for my flight back to London after a rather turbulent 72h. I had the pleasure of my first experience of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s preeminent and biggest technology show. It is expected that over 200,000 people will visit Sin City from almost 85% of the countries on the planet in the coming days.

The show runs from 5th – 8th January so I have left a little early but in fact, it actually kicks off days earlier when all the planning and preparation comes to fruition and the world’s media embark on the famous Strip. This was the reason PHA Media was in Vegas, working with one of the most exciting technology companies out there.

We accompanied Smarter, the pioneering British IoT business, as they launched their latest must-have item – the FridgeCam. The world’s first and only retrofit camera that works inside any fridge.

The premise is simple. Every time the door is opened and closed, a photo is taken of its contents. The user, through the Smarter app, can then monitor what is in their fridge, how much of anything and its expiry date. This data is then used to notify the user via a push message when they are passing a shop and are short of any item. It also provides bespoke recipes through partners to use up the food that is going off the soonest.

Sounds simple, right? All the best ideas are.


CES was the perfect place to launch a new device such as this, and there were tens of thousands of others who did the same. The event is attended by over 8,000 international media, most of whom arrive for Unveiled, the press-only preview of the latest and greatest tech items in what can only be described as a 4h melee of journalists running around a room to identify the next best-selling products, as well as the more unique items, including The Hair Coach from Withings – a hairbrush with a microphone that hears split ends, Sleep Number – a bed that moves to stop someone snoring and Kolibree – a smart toothbrush that makes brushing your teeth into a game.

Another reason why CES is such a vital date in the calendar is that 35,000 buyers will attend, trying to find the apps, gadgets and gizmos that will make big money in the year to come. And it’s this reason why over 70,000 senior-level execs will also visit, showing off their companies spanning the best part of three million net square foot in the desert.

PHA also many other roots in Vegas with XYZprinting, the world’s leading 3D printing company demo’ing a vast range of new items from a portable 3D printer, smart sports tech to specific 3D printers for the dentistry and jewellery markets.


We’ve been talking about our favourite products from CES in PHA Tech’s recent blog series which you can check out here for more in-depth detail on those exhibiting this week, however some that literally caught my eye were Zeeq – a smart pillow, Square Panda – a tech playset for children, laundroid – a clothes-folding robot!, ring – an advanced home security camera and the not impossible labs – an innovation centre creating tech for good.


I know I’m going to sleep on this flight as we’ve been up non-stop, running around the “adult playground”, but I can assure you that CES 2017 is serious business.  The items on every person’s Christmas wish list will be in Nevada this week, even if you don’t know it yet.

Everyone at the show has to work so hard to make their products, their articles, their speeches stand out amongst the nosiest possible backdrop but if you get it right, it could change everything and that’s why people do and will continue to return to CES every year.

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