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Volkswagen ‘Polowers’ Campaign

If you were thinking of using social media to promote your company or brand, but were not fully aware of the ROI you would receive from it, here’s a great example of a brand that used social media to their advantage and obtained some fantastic results from it.

Their Challenge

To market the Polo model, Volkswagen Spain (@VW_es) needed to engage the vehicle’s target audience: digital natives who spend most of their time online and demand new, unique kinds of brand experiences. The car brand also wanted to increase their overall number of Twitter followers to connect a new kind of consumer with the brand.

The Plan…

The brand used Promoted Tweets to drive awareness, maximise their reach and prompt engagement with a Twitter competition.

Working with their creative agency, Volkswagen Polo created an online game called ‘Polowers’ (Polo and ‘followers’ joined together), which Twitter followers could play to be entered to win a Polo. The Twitter API was integrated into the Polowers microsite and users had to become followers to enable them to play in the competition.

Every time a player tweeted using the #polowers hashtag, a Polo on the site would move a few metres. The person to send the last tweet before the Polo crossed the virtual finish line would win the car.

The Results

The campaign generated more than 150,000 tweets 8 hours after launching at a rate of 5 tweets per second. And it did so on more than 10% of Twitter’s total audience in Spain, in addition to leading the Top 10 trending topics. Also, the game generated a large amount of visits to Polo’s product section on, reaching a record of its history.

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