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What is Storify and is it useful for Digital PR?

Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the web into a coherent narrative. There’s a lot of media out there and Storify extracts the meaning from the noise to tell a story.

In simpler terms, Storify enables you to create an online storybook of things of interest to you.

In the Storify editor, you can search social media networks to find media elements about the topic you want to Storify. After trawling though Facebook, Twitter and so on for some interesting content, you simply drag and drop in a way that suits you. You then use your creative side to rearrange the content, using headlines and narrative to tell your story.

Is it useful for Digital PR?

Storify isn’t just about pulling media from social networks, it’s about spreading stories too. Storify helps you go viral by making it easy to notify all the people quoted in your story, so they will know they are now part of something larger. These links are highly likely to be shared further on social networks and draw a response. Therefore, a brand may use Storify as a way of spreading their name, tagging those that are likely to spread their brand further.

In addition, you can embed Storify anywhere on the Web by simply pasting an embed code, just like embedding a video. A brand could connect Storify to their WordPress or blog driving further digital PR.

Research has indicated that there has been a strong response from brands – companies see it as a social typewriter that allows them to cleverly interact with an audience and tell a story about their business.

We quite like the idea of Storify at PHA, but will it take off in terms of digital PR? That question we’re not so sure on.

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