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What makes a great online PR campaign?

What makes a great online PR campaign? There are lots of ingredients in the recipe for a successful strategy including content, voice, timing – the list goes on. However, there is one that I believe to be vital – and this is interactivity.

I believe interactive online PR campaigns to be the most effective in communicating with an audience.  Social media encourages the audience to engage with the brand on a personal level. The incentive is that they enjoy it. Hype is created and gradually more and more people take part because it’s a social, fun and rewarding thing to do.

One of my personal favourite interactive campaigns is by a Brazilian advertising agency, Monumenta. Their client ‘Carinho de Verdade’ (meaning True Affection in English) wanted to raise awareness of the thousands of children in Brazil that are subject to sexual abuse.

Online PR campaignSometimes when you need comforting there is nothing better than a hug, right?

Monumenta knew this and took it to a whole new level with their ‘True Affection’ campaign. They gave the people of Brazil not only a hug, but also the biggest hug in the world.

Over the period of two days they turned the lights off that surround ‘Christ the Redeemer’, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Using digital technology they projected an image that gave the illusion of it closing its arms. For every 100 people that supported the campaign Christ the Redeemer would give one of his hugs.

This campaign won a Clio award for its innovation. Through digital channels such as YouTube, Blogs, Facebook and Twitter the reach multiplied and the awareness was global. The numbers speak for themselves:

  •  $50,000,000 was earned in unpaid media
  •  4,000 tweets were sent about the subject
  •  The video had 1.2 million views on YouTube

What I love about this campaign, aside from the great cause, is that it is original. With more and more campaigns orientated around social media it is sometimes hard to stand out. Content posted online can become generic. This campaign proves you don’t have to conform & that innovation arouses interest.


Cover image courtesy of: Martin Thomas,

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