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What next for Tyson Fury?


Image Courtesy of sports rageous,

Image Courtesy of sports rageous,

The Heavyweight division has come under much scrutiny over the past couple of years with many people claiming that there are no real characters or exciting prospects out there.

But the all singing, all dancing British and European Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury, is out to prove that the division still has a lot to offer. And on 28th February at the o2 Arena in London, Fury marched on to claim yet another convincing victory, this time against the world number three, Christian Hammer, taking Fury’s record to 24-0.

Now that the dust has settled and we’ve all gotten over Fury’s rendition of Marc Cohen’s ‘Walking in Memphis’, what’s next for him?

There’s been mass speculation this month that instead of meeting World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir Klitschko to fight for the IBF, WBA and WBO titles, Fury may be dragged into more than a battle of words with newly crowned WBC Champion Deontay Wilder. It’s been widely reported that these two don’t like each other. Only last month the pair took to verbal exchanges over twitter, with Tyson calling out the American saying ‘he won the WBC title from a nobody’ and that he would ‘happily take a fight in Wilder’s home town of Alabama’. The pair have been exchanging words for the past couple of years and will surely clash one day soon.


I wouldn’t deny that the prospect of seeing these two entering the ring to battle it out for a World Heavyweight title would be exciting. They’re both undefeated and tower in at 6 ft. 7 in (Wilder) and 6 ft. 9 in (Fury), with long reaches that are more than capable of producing spectacular knockouts. But the real match up British fight fans are looking for is Tyson Fury vs. Waldamir Klitschko.

Klitschko has been hounded by the reputation of taking easy fights and staying behind his jab for worry of having to take a solid hit. After seeing David Haye fail to impress against the Ukrainian in 2011, when he lost by a unanimous decision, British fight fans have been looking for their next big contender to take on The World Heavyweight Champion.


Liverpool’s David Price has fallen short and, having kept his mandatory status, Tyson Fury may just be the fighter fans are looking for. 12 years junior to Klitschko and with a reach and height advantage, Fury would be the first opponent that we have witnessed out-match Klitschko in size and reach, in a long time. This would surely cause Klitschko to have to come forward and look for a fight against the Mancunian brawler.

Hopefully Fury vs. Klitschko will happen in 2015 and we’ll finally get to see, after all the hype, whether or not we’ve got the next British World Heavyweight Champion and what song he’ll be singing if he wins.

What's next?

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