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Why the flu jab is for everyone

With the flu season in full swing, many people think that the flu jab is only for young children, pregnant women and pensioners. Yet a flu jab can save anyone from suffering from this unpredictable virus this winter.

To encourage more people to get their flu jab this winter, we’re exploring some of the myths surrounding the flu jab and hoping to answer some important questions and dispel any uncertainty.

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Who can have the flu jab?

Anyone. People who are most at risk are offered flu jabs free on the NHS, but it is possible for anyone to pay to receive the flu jab.

Where can I get my flu jab?

Many think that the vaccine is only available at the GP but you can pop into many pharmacies (including most of the pharmacies in your local supermarket) after work or during your lunch hour and get yourself protected within minutes.

How much is the flu jab?

It usually costs somewhere around £10. Considering that two packets of medication, cough sweets, a bin full of tissues and a week’s worth of soup can cost more than this, it’s worth your while.

The flu is just a heavy cold, isn’t it?

No, flu is definitely much worse than a cold. Symptoms such as the chills and aching muscles set aside a cold from the flu. The flu jab on offer also protects you from more serious strands of the flu, such as Swine Flu.

Does getting the flu jab give you the flu?

No it does not. The flu jab only contains inactive flu viruses so you cannot catch the flu from the vaccine.

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How often do I need the flu jab?

Once a year. Having the flu jab every winter will protect you for a whole year.

Is it too late to have the flu jab?

Many people believe that the flu jab can only be administered in October. Although October is the start of the flu season, it’s never too late to go and get yourself protected. The flu season continues all the way up to March.

Can vitamin C prevent the flu?

No it cannot. It is a common misconception that the flu can be prevented by vitamin C however there is no evidence to show that this is true.

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So there we have it – it’s quick and cheap to administer and can be done in almost any pharmacist. Why not pop down to your local Boots and get one before the dreaded flu strikes in your office? You wont regret it!

Plus if you are on a medical cash plan with your employer, flu jabs are often included meaning you can protect yourself for free. Win!


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