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How will Cheryl’s return to the X Factor affect her celebrity status?

It was confirmed this week that the lovely Cheryl Cole will be returning to the X Factor for the 11th series alongside the shows “daddy” – Simon Cowell. It is argued that Cheryl’s return (and Simon’s for that matter) is a desperate attempt to save ratings, which dropped to a seemingly poor 11.5 million viewers who watched Sam Bailey crowned as this year’s winner as opposed to 17.7 million during Cole’s last appearance in 2010, and could actually be a step back for Cheryl in terms of her career.

Image Courtesy of danielars,

Image Courtesy of danielars,

The majority of press opinion is that Cheryl is back to square one. Leaving 4 years ago as conquering and arguably favourite of the X Factor judges – she set off to America to launch an International career. After an unfortunate attempt at judging the US version of the show (along with one or two equally unfortunate outfits), her pop career also quietened and after a rather public spat with a Mr Simon Cowell, Cheryl faded a little into the background.

3 years later Cheryl and Simon seemed to have built bridges and she has returned as his right hand-woman on the new father’s crowning Jewel – the X Factor UK.

On the other, and more cheery side, Cheryl’s return could actually be seen as a re-flourishing of her career. Cole has insisted signing on as an X-Factor judge will not affect her singing career – and she’s pushing ahead with album plans for 2014 with Simon’s reasoning behind Cheryl’s return as her being, simply, “a really good judge of talent”.

With this is mind, surely we should all just take Cheryl’s return to the X Factor as the return of the UK’s favourite judge of talent. Yes, it probably will up the ratings and yes, it probably will thrust Cheryl back into the limelight yet surely this just goes to show how she has cemented her influence in securing X factor talent, becoming even more important than Cowell himself – something she could never do at square one.

Image Courtesy of Maria K.

Image Courtesy of Maria K.

Realistically being an X factor judge has never done anyone careers, or reputation, any damage. Nicole Sherzinger has followed her stint with advertising campaigns for EVERYONE and a continued strong music career, Tulisa became the UK’s sweetheart overnight, (only falling from grace after she left the show) and Sharon Osborne came back to our screens last year and reminded the world why we loved her in the first place! Surely it is extremely inaccurate to say that becoming a judge (or returning as a judge) could worsen anyone’s career? I for one, wouldn’t say no to the job 🙂

Good luck Cheryl, we all look forward to you giving Simon a run for his money later this year!



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