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64% of PRs are women

A feature by Danny Rogers (editor of PR Week) in The I this morning revealed that the British PR Industry employs 61,600 people, of which 64% are women.

Not only is the profession a female-dominated one, but one in which women occupy some of the most senior roles. Sue Garrard (Global Head of Comms at Unilever) and Jenny Grey (Executive Director for Government Communication) are both great examples of women making waves in the public relations sector.

61,600 people, of which 64% are women

And PR being a relatively young industry, we are likely to see more and more women emerging as leading spokespeople in the next few years.

That’s obviously not to say that men do not or should not occupy senior PR roles, but it’s great to see that we seem to have shaken the Edina in Ab Fab image, and female PRs are now being taken seriously! You go girls!!


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