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Work in Digital PR? You should be Twitter stalking these people…

Who are the Twitterati of Digital PR? If you want to stand out in the digital field then you need to move and shake with the right people – and this being the online world, most of that moving and shaking is done virtually.

The digital world moves lightening fast, so if you want to stay informed, be ahead of the game and become a true ‘opinion-setter’ here is our guide to who needs to be appearing in your Twitter feed:

Who: @Mashable

Why: All the latest online news for social media fanatics. Their tweets are a one-stop shop for the day’s headlines.


Who: @Ted_com

Why: A fantastic organisation that gathers ideas worth spreading.


Who: @Wired

Why: Wired magazine is aimed at ‘disruptors’ in both tech and science industries and is a showcase of the best and most innovative parts of the online world.


Who: @TheDrum

Why: The Twitter feed for The Drum magazine covers everything from digital news to job opportunities.


Who: @Econsultancy

Why: A huge influencer in the online field! Econsultancy offer advice and information for digital professionals and often publish independent research that can help you put together brilliant pitches.


Who: @ChrisHusong

Why: Chris is a successful businessman whose love of tech makes his Twitter feed a hotbed for entertaining links and news from the digital world.


Who: @newmediaage

Why: A fantastic Twitter feed with the latest headlines from the brilliant NewMediaAge – an online magazine and resource centre for ‘interactive businesses’. They’re always up to date on the latest tech developments.


Who: @PrWGlobal

Why: UK based magazine’s global Twitter feed covering significant PR news from around the world. If you want to know who works with who and who’s winning new business, this is a great feed to follow.


Who: @PRNewswire

Why: More news on traditional and digital PR to keep you up to date with the latest headlines.


Who: @SocialMediaWeek

Why: The Twitter feed for a global conference that takes place every September in several cities around the world. Topics covered include all aspects of social media and some of the most important names in the industry get involved.


Who: @MediaWeek

Why: The online feed for the biggest industry publication in media. Keep up with everything that’s going on in the UK media scene.


Who: @PHA_Digital

Why: Because we’re awesome!

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