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The year of the selfie and Twitter’s most talked about moments

This year was a record-breaker for Twitter, with the site having revealed its annual round-up.

The World Cup finals in Brazil became the most tweeted about event ever and Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar selfie was the most retweeted tweet in history – 3,367,867 very bored people on a night that really was “The Ellen Show” – can anyone remember who won the awards?

But selfies became cool long before middle-aged celebs jumped on the bandwagon – since 1 January this year, the term ‘selfie’ has been mentioned more than 92 million times by the site’s 284 million active users – a 500 per cent increase on 2013’s total, according to official statistics. For the Western world, 2014 was definitely the year of the shameless self-portrait.

This has been the year of the selfie

Harry Styles’ seemingly innocuous tweet announcing 1D’s four years together turned out to be the most retweeted tweet from a UK account in 2014 (359,000), while the band between them have five of the most followed British accounts – figurehead Harry has a modest 23 million to his name, at an average age of 13.5 years old (unofficial stat).

Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga are among a host of “musicians” in the top 10 for Twitter followers worldwide – that calls for some applause.

It’s nice to see that the world of social media still has some good taste; Twitter revealed eight of the top 10 most tweeted about moments of 2014 were sports-related, with a whopping 672 million tweets about this year’s World Cup finals. Sturridge and Rooney’s equalisers vs Italy and Uruguay respectively were well-received in the Twittersphere, but the tragic disappearance of MH370 in March remained the most talked-about subject by UK users in 2014.

It’s interesting to note that Twitter trends are not an indication of sentiment. The year’s main political stories were a prime example of this, with the Scottish independence referendum and the Mark Duggan inquest capturing the UK’s attention, without necessarily being “big hits”.

In a year when queen of the extra medium Kim Kardashian showed the world her voluptuous assets and the Queen photobombed an Australian hockey selfie at the Commonwealth Games, there has been plenty to explore in 140 characters which is sure to reach another level in 2015, with another #RoyalBaby on the way and plenty of #XFactor to take over our screens.

In other news, Mutant Giant Spider Dog was the biggest trending video on YouTube this year, Google has announced.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your twerky.

Twitter in 2014

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