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We try…Youtube exercise videos


Image Courtesy of John Ranaudo,

Image Courtesy of John Ranaudo,

With the darker evenings and cold weather slowly making their way to London, it has suddenly dawned on me that I am no longer going to be able to force myself to go for a run after work or join a class in Clapham Common when it’s raining cats and dogs. I have never been blown away by my incredible will power, so thought it best to try and find something else that floated my very heavy, lead bottomed boat!

My sister is soon to have a baby and so for her, as a running enthusiast, there came a time when running was no longer practical and she had to stop, for fear of falling flat on her face due to the unfortunate weight distribution that comes hand in hand with the third trimester. It was then that she told me she had started doing pregnancy Pilates on Youtube…..its seems Youtube exercise videos are the way forward for pregnant mums-to-be.

I have always felt that there’s a sort of stigma attached to exercising in your sitting room. However, after a few weeks had passed (and the nights had gotten even darker), I decided it was time to have a rummage around online to see just what these Youtube exercise videos had to offer.

It was then that I stumbled across Jillian Michaels, aka my new best friend! She is very American, but in an enjoyable way. Her videos keep you motivated; they are tough (you literally don’t stop moving!) and she gives you a constant reminder of why you’ve made the strange decision to drip sweat all across your sitting room floor…!

I have come to enjoy three different Youtube exercise videos that I alternate between every morning before work.

  • The Kickboxing workout is 25 minutes of high intensity cardio. At the end of the workout, one of the ladies, Brandy (naturally!), who joins Jillian in her class, says “is that it?” – for which everyone is punished. (No-one likes Brandy!)
  • The second workout I do is Six Week Six Pack. Granted, I am still yet to find my six pack but I have only been doing this for three weeks and I haven’t quite managed to stop eating cake yet. I will soon be stepping this one up and adding a free weight. According to Jillian you can always make it harder.
  • Finally, and this is probably my favourite, Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown. It’s not all meditation and finding your Zen. The poses are difficult and involve movement to melt fat and get your heart racing, after which you are forced to hold the pose for 15 seconds. At this point, you are told that you must “get comfortable with being uncomfortable!” I am not quite there yet.

I have always thought that the problem with exercising on your own in your sitting room is that you don’t push yourself hard enough. Well, if you think you feel a bit foolish exercising in your sitting room to begin with, you feel absolutely ridiculous when you find yourself lying flat out on your floor in your gym kit, giving up and letting Jillian win!

I now want to branch out a little bit from my regular Youtube exercise videos and I intend to buy Jillian Michael’s boxset, which I’m told has four different exercise routines, all of which have different levels, enabling you to advance when you no longer feel the burn (or when the carpet is suddenly still dry when you have finished).

I am constantly told that I will only exercise regularly if I enjoy it. Bizarrely, this is something I do really enjoy. It prepares me for the day ahead, and allows me to collapse on the sofa after work without feeling guilty. Plus, starting the day with a chirpy American voice is always guaranteed to put you in a good mood! More importantly, perhaps, I am starting to see small changes in my body.


Which is your favourite?

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