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You’ve got mail

Last week, whilst sifting through the morning post, I had a pleasant surprise. Mainly because – for once – something was addressed to me that didn’t have resemblance to a bill or junk mail in any way, shape or form. Instead there was a small, square, neatly packaged box.

Now, as you can imagine, the excitement was overwhelming and (as much as it pains me to say it) was probably the highlight of my week.

And why was I so excited?

Because I knew that this package was my free sample of Burberry perfume. And all I had to do to receive this gift was simply ‘like’ them on Facebook.

Image Courtesy of u4i86,

Image Courtesy of u4i86,

This comes as the first leg of Burberry’s new social media efforts. And it is safe to say they’re making no half cuts.

On Monday they launched the first ever ‘Tweetwalk’ which incorporated backstage pictures of every look at London Fashion Week. This gave their social media followers an exclusive insight into this season’s collection.

If that wasn’t enough to increase their following by the thousands – it also became the second most talked about thing on Twitter.

In addition, they are driving traffic to their website by streaming their show exclusively and live on This includes backstage gossip and red carpet arrivals!

Digital campaigns such as this work because they show the customer how valued they are.

Allowing their loyal followers and fans to preview their new perfume before anyone else. Enabling them to see new season collections before fashion tycoons. And giving them a sneak preview behind the scenes is rewarding them for their custom.

By valuing their followers they are in turn creating more value for their brand.

Did I like the perfume? No – not particularly.

But this complimentary gift came accompanied by an elegant cream postcard with gold type thanking me for ‘liking’ them on Facebook. Making me feel quite the valued customer!

Meaning I may be more inclined to pay that little bit extra in the future…



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