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2.8 Hours Later

  • 2.8 Hours Later | PHA Media Case Study
  • 2.8 Hours Later | PHA Media Case Study

Client Objective

To communicate the innovative concept of 2.8 Hours Later effectively and to raise awareness of the upcoming event in Cardiff, to ultimately drive ticket sales for the event.


2.8 Hours Later offers a unique experience for anyone looking to take part in something unusual or looking for a different way to socialise with friends. The unique street game involves participants partaking in an immersive narrative as they try and escape the ‘zombies’ out to get them. Decisions made by players along the way have repercussions on the route they take, the characters they meet and, ultimately, their chances of success or failure. The 2014 version of the game, called ‘Survival’, touches on many real-life themes and current affairs including terrorism, immigration, government surveillance and corruption.

Strategy and Implementation

PHA Media initially announced the upcoming game in Cardiff via a creative press release and imagery. All relevant media were targeted, including lifestyle magazines, national and regional newspapers, online sites, blogs and broadcast outlets. To help bring the game and experience to life ahead of the actual event itself, we invited journalists to take part in a ‘Zombie School’, where volunteers are taught to behave as convincing undead. More journalists were also invited to take part in the game itself in exchange for detailed reviews. The founders of the game were also made available for both regional and national interviews to talk about the unique concept coming to Cardiff.

Results and Evaluation

In three months PHA Media were able to secure widespread coverage across the print, online and broadcast media, both in Cardiff and national Welsh media. As a direct result of our activity, demand for 2.8 Hours Later tickets was unprecedented. The website crashed following particular peaks of our activity, and all event dates sold out well in advance of the event. The 2.8 Hours Later team added extra dates to keep up with demand, further boosting revenue delivered from the Cardiff event.

We retained PHA as our PR agency for the first time this year. We sell tickets to events, so on a basic level there are very clear metrics with which to judge the effectiveness of PHAs work. These metrics show the impact of their work has been immediate and has far exceeded our expectations. PHA are highly professional and very flexible, responding to our changing requirements swiftly and decisively, and providing appropriate support in dealing with various media outlets. An outstanding agency.

Co-Founder of 2.8 Hours Later, Simon Evans