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Alex Thomson Racing & HUGO BOSS

Client objective

Alex Thomson Racing and HUGO BOSS had just renewed their partnership and wanted to celebrate with something special. They wanted to make as many people as possible aware of their partnership and reach an audience beyond just the sailing community. They wanted to communicate the core brand values of HUGO BOSS and they wanted to drive desirability of their suits and sunglasses.

Originality and creativity

For this campaign, Alex was to do something that had never been done before. The bold, eye-catching and unique stunt involved him running up the length of his boat’s 30 metre mast before diving off in to the ocean below… all whilst wearing a water resistant HUGO BOSS suit and sunglasses.

Strategy and implementation

Once the idea was finalised, the assets were created. Our partners, WING TV, created the video, a microsite was built and an image bank was created.

The campaign was teased on social and then the assets were released worldwide.

In the UK we secured the print exclusive in the Metro in exchange for the ‘money can’t buy’ page three slot. Widespread coverage followed, social noise spread and the viral effect took hold.

Results and evaluation

Within two weeks of launch the video had reached 1 million views, the vast majority of which were achieved organically as a result of the PR coverage and viral effect.

The coverage generated equated to over 400million opportunities to see, over 25 million people saw the related Facebook posts and the Twitter reach of the campaign was more than 17.5 million.

Visits to the HUGO BOSS MastWalk microsite generated 27% more revenue per visitor than average.

The MastWalk was a truly standout campaign and perfectly embodied our core brand values. It was a huge success, and to win the BT Sport Industry Award for ‘Best Use of PR’ was a wonderful added bonus

Philip Burghaus, Marketing Manager for HUGO BOSS

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