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Ann Summers Viral

Client objective

To launch an integrated PR campaign and viral video to raise awareness about the brand and the re-launch of the Ann Summers Store in Soho.


The concept was to march thirty women in Ann Summers lingerie down Oxford Street and bring central London to a stand still.

Rather than using paid for models and actresses we wanted to find ‘real women’ to model the underwear to tie in with Ann Summers mission to put their customers and real women at the heart of the brand.

In terms of film itself, we wanted to create something uncut and with a ‘user generated’ feel to it.

The theory was that this would appear less advertisy and more authentic to viewers.


The stunt was timed to coincide with National Cleavage Day, giving the story and video a strong hook for journalists and bloggers.

PHA first offered the story to bloggers and our contacts in the national media before taking it to the international newswires.

Due to the fun and cheeky nature of the film we suspected that if it were picked up by a newswire it would have a strong chance of going viral.

This proved to be the case.


The story was picked up both nationally and internationally, appearing in many of the UK’s biggest websites.

When MSN picked up the story coverage went global and the video went viral – achieving around 1 million hits on YouTube.

The video also generated huge buzz online and many users created their own recut versions of our footage – generated many more thousands of views.