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Audreystyle Branding

Client Objective

Branding was created to show Audreystyle as a start-up online boutique. The brand needed to represent the business, tone and audience.

Originality and Creativity

Wanting to base the logo on an elegant font, we went through various ideas. Once one was selected we modified the font to make it more appealing and fit the brand identity. This was then developed into a wordmark or monogram to be used on social media. Once these were designed and signed off, we went about creating a brand guidelines for Audreystyle. This is a collection of rules on how to use the logo and monogram across various media.

Strategy and Implementation

The brand guidelines were then used to launch the social media channels and all content since. This was also used as the building block for the website. We wanted to create a site that made the shopping experience simple and clutter free, allowing the products to stand out.

Results and Evaluation

This logo was used as the basis for creating the social media identity and website design. We created a series of weekly and bespoke templates for all the social media channels, which have been used continuously since. The working with the brand we had put in place the website was designed to reflect the values of the business and it’s target market.