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Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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Client objective

The overarching objective was to raise awareness of the incredible work that Breakthrough Breast Cancer do.  To enable us to do this PHA were tasked with assisting with the recruitment of Booby Birds, raising awareness of the fundraising initiative, offering PR support to each of the women taking part and generating extensive media coverage and brand awareness for the campaign.

Originality and creativity

Whilst charity skydives are not new or unique, the Booby Birds campaign was a different initiative that brought together a group of extremely high profile women who were committing to overcoming a fear as well as raising a significant amount of money.  This was a great story and enabled PHA to communicate with a wide range of press using the individual women’s stories and profiles as well as the fundraising message.

One of PHA’s key ideas was to not only focus on what the skydive but to also focus on the impact the money raised would have.  PHA pitched an exclusive feature to The Times that would allow them access to the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre, something that had not been done before.  The hook for the story was the Booby Birds campaign and how the money raised from the skydive would help in the fight against breast cancer.  PHA were able to use science to communicate details of a fundraising initiative.

Strategy and implementation

PHA worked closely with each of the 14 women ensuring that pre jump PR was targeted at their industry sectors and regional media and would help with their fundraising.  Specific events were held to engage with potential donors as well as national media.  On jump day, PHA managed a number of media and photographers and syndicated imagery and sound bites form the day to the national and regional media.  Post jump PR focussed on the women’s achievements and utilised unique imagery of the women from the plane before they jumped.

Results and evaluation

Over 50 pieces of press coverage were secured including YOU magazine, The Times, City AM, Drapers and  Coverage appeared across all stages of the campaign helping to drive awareness of the campaign and encouraging donations.

Over £250,000 was raised through this one fundraising initiative and Breakthrough Breast Cancer decided as a result of this success to expand the campaign and make Booby Birds an annual fundraising initiative.

Many thanks for all your hard work in getting this off the ground. The Times feature is certainly one of the best pieces of national coverage about our Research Centre we have ever had.

PR Team, Breakthrough Breast Cancer

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