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Charlie Mullins

Client Objective

To position Charlie as a thought leader on the topics of entrepreneurship, apprenticeships, politics, and as a business personality. Charlie has strong political views which he not afraid to share, and we continually use this to our advantage to produce thought leadership articles and secure profile pieces and broadcast interviews. We’ve used Charlie’s direct manner and strong character means that he’s an in demand media commentator and has become a regular fixture in the press and Britain’s best-know plumber.

Originality and Creativity

We regularly use news hooks, such as breaking news stories around apprenticeships and the political arena to cut through into top-tier media publications. Alongside this reactive work, we use regular thought leadership pieces to maintain Charlie’s position as a top tier business leader, and have secured profile pieces on Charlie in numerous national outlets.

Strategy and Implementation

Expert Commentary and Features: We have generated a wide range of feature opportunities across the national and business press, to give Charlie an opportunity to air his views and raise his profile as a business leader still further.

Business Profiling: We have countless profile pieces for Charlie and the business, which demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Pimlico Plumbers and Charlie’s commitment to helping young people into employment via apprenticeships.

Case studies: We work to uncover and develop staff member’s stories, be they young apprentices or the older generation that are still working at Pimlico! We then develop these testimonials into stories which have national cut through and showcase Charlie’s vison and beliefs.


Results and Evaluation

Charlie Mullins is a well-known, highly respected business leader and has become something of a household name, too. During the time we’ve worked with Charlie, he’s appeared in the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Sun, on Newsnight and BBC News to name but a few.

“I’ve been working with Phil Hall and PHA Media for a long time and the team consistently deliver great results. They understand me and my business and have my complete trust. They’re targeted, driven, enthusiastic and their results ensure Pimlico Plumbers continue to be recognised as the leading independent plumbing firm in Britain.”

Featured publications

  • The Sunday Times
    The Sunday Times
  • The Sun
  • BBC News