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Disney’s Club Penguin

  • Disney Club Penguin

Client objective

To educate parents and raise awareness about Club Penguin’s absolute commitment to the safety of all their members and to promote all the exciting things going on in Club Penguin for children.

Originality and creativity

Online safety is an incredibly hot topic at the moment, particularly for parents, and Disney’s Club Penguin absolutely lead the way when it comes to ensuring the safety of children online. PHA therefore wanted to ensure that Disney were involved in this debate and that the media, and parents, fully understood their 100% commitment in this area.

We used several methods to ensure this was the case, but our major campaign focused around the creation of an online guide for parents. ‘The Wonderful World of the Web’ provided information and advice about how parents could help ensure their child’s safety online, but also, importantly, how they could help their children get the most out of their time on the web. The media has been saturated with negative messages about the internet, so we wanted our guide to have a positive message too.

The guide comprised of several chapters, each one written by a relevant expert or well-known personality. The guide also included an introduction by Lucy Woodward, Head of Club Penguin UK.

Strategy and implementation

To ensure maximum coverage, we released each chapter of the guide individually, starting with our chapter written by our ‘headline’ author, TV presenter and mum of twins, Gabby Logan. For this and every subsequent chapter we lined up national and regional interviews with the author, placed extracts from the chapter in national print media and arranged broadcast interviews to discuss the guide, its contents and its aims. All coverage featured reference to Disney’s Club Penguin and their commitment to online safety.

Results and evaluation

The campaign resulted in widespread coverage in national print and broadcast media, including The Daily Telegraph Weekend, Sunday Times News Review, Evening Standard, The Sun, The Metro, Sky News, Loose Women, and a number of regional outlets.

Featured publications

  • BBC Radio Scotland
    BBC Radio Scotland
  • Daily-Express
  • Daily-Mail
  • Daybreak
  • First News
    First News
  • Loose Women
    Loose Women
  • The Metro
    The Metro
  • Sky News Sunrise
    Sky News Sunrise
  • Sunday Times
    Sunday Times
  • The Telegraph
    The Telegraph