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  • Floxx | PHA Media

Client Objective

To raise the profile of Rich Martell, Founder of Floxx, as one of the UK’s most exciting young entrepreneurs and to promote the release of Floxx’s latest app, ‘Spottd’

Originality and Creativity

Rich Martell was one of the first tech entrepreneurs to create achieve quality, cut-through media coverage at a time when the industry was sparking into life. This was done by creating stories, directly linked to their work, to drive the news agenda. This included a 24-hour hackathon to create a new app, which achieved widespread industry pick up.

Strategy and Implementation

PHA Media targeted key national, business and broadcast outlets to raise Rich’s profile as Britain’s answer to Mark Zuckerberg.

We approached key tech writers and influential app slots to review Spottd and created feature ideas based on the results of Spottd’s user statistics, which included a Dickensian map of London, hooked on the anniversary of Charles Dickens’s birthday, showing the locations mentioned in Dickens novels. We also created a buzz around Rich’s trip to America in a bid to secure investment.

Results and Evaluation

Coverage secured included City AM, The Evening Standard, Independent, Guardian and a series of business magazines, including Elite Business, Real Business, Smarta and Start Your Business.

We also set up an exclusive partnership with Sky News to follow Floxx executives as they travelled to Silicon Valley to speak to potential investors. Sky carried a series of video blogs on its website.

Floxx secured significant investment from American VCs and the PR campaign was credited with raising awareness and building value around the brand.

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