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Client Objective

Position GAME as the destination to buy video games from, highlighting their superior expertise and variety of offering. Create national and regional coverage opportunities to promote game launches, sales data and promotions. Secure targeted business media coverage to highlight GAME as a leading European company. Work with technology journalists on first-play opportunities and other exclusives.

Originality and Creativity

Video games were previously seen as niche and specialist in the mainstream press. By creating stories that linked the industry with the national media (scariest video game vs. scariest film competition for Halloween, changing the website’s terms and conditions for April Fools’ Day), we created coverage that breached the gap and provided journalists with a variety of opportunities to feature reoccurring events in a new and engaging way.

Strategy and Implementation

Created and utilised news agenda stories to raise the awareness of GAME and their spokespersons. Coverage was targeted around midnight launches, research conducted on the entertainment sector and national holidays, as well as numerous other angles.We also developed relationships with key journalists to ensure GAME were the first port of call for commentary opportunities or collateral requests.

Results and Evaluation

We achieved on average of over 100 pieces of coverage every month for three years. This included double-page features in News of the World, The Times, Metro and many others. PHA also secured top ten sales columns in over 25 regional newspaper.

One of the areas of greatest success was hijacking other retailers “official launches”. HMV on Oxford Street often hosted parties to celebrate console and game launches with the developers but it was GAMEwho were quoted and featured in the coverage.

Featured publications

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