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Goals and Movember

  • Goals and Movember
  • Goals and Movember
  • Goals and Movember

Client Objective

Our brief was to deliver a constant stream of regional coverage to drive sign-ups at each of the 43 Movember five-a-side tournaments. We were also tasked with raising awareness of the Goals/Movember partnership more generally across national and social media. The activity was also an opportunity to reinforce Goals’ position as the leading provider of quality five-a-side facilities in the UK.

Originality and creativity

As part of the campaign, PHA hosted a Movember media five-a-side tournament at Goals Soccer Centre Gillette Corner. A total of eight teams took part in the event, including squads from the Guardian, talkSPORT and Men’s Fitness. The tournament was a great way of raising awareness of the Goals/Movember partnership and getting journalists from key titles playing at Goals facilities.

To help ensure coverage beyond just the titles who were playing in the tournament, PHA also invited football freestyler Daniel Cutting to the event, to attempt to break his own world record for keeping a football up in the air, only using his lips. PHA used this content to create a viral video which was then seeded out to football websites and blogs.

Strategy and implementation

As well as the activity outlined above, PHA orchestrated an effective regional campaign which saw pre-tournament pieces appear in most regions and post tournament photos used extensively in local press. We also invited local journalists to enter a team and encouraged them to mention their participation across their own social media channels.

Results and evaluation

We secured national coverage for the campaign with the Independent, Guardian, Men’s Fitness and Talksport. In addition we secured over 70 pieces of regional coverage as well as live broadcast interviews on several regional radio stations.

The Movember World Record video had over 57,000 hits on YouTube within a week and was placed and picked up by a variety of influential outlets including talkSPORT, The Guardian, Men’s Fitness and ZOO.

PHA Media made big claims about their level of delivery and experience when we went out to pitch, but having worked with them for the best part of two years I understand why. Their unending commitment, enthusiasm, creativity and energy never fails to impress, and consistently delivers the kind of coverage that the Goals brand had never experienced before and, more importantly, a level that keeps us ahead of other sector providers. They quickly became much more than just an agency for us as a brand and me as an individual; they are an integral part of the whole team Goals and a fantastic bunch to work with.

Michael Gibb, Head of Marketing

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