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Client Objective

We were tasked with raising awareness of the issue, which effects more than half a million British pensioners based overseas, through sustained press coverage, as well as to ensure the issue was kept firmly on the political radar. The long-term aim is to generate enough pressure through media, public support, and political lobbying to see the government move to unfreeze all frozen pensions.

Originality and Creativity

Our creative skills were used to assess and describe as emotively as possible the real impacts of having a frozen pension – highlighting people living on as little as £6 per week.

Strategy and Implementation

During the first phase of the campaign a number of PR and political tactics have been engaged to ensure the issue is kept at the forefront of the public and political agenda. Human interest case studies told by those living with frozen pensions have proven particularly powerful in explaining the practical implications of the policy, with letters and comment articles from leading figures at the ICBP used to keep a summary of the latest developments on the issue in the national press. Politically, PHA provided a in in-depth analysis of existing parliamentary support and  has helped the ICBP refine its messages for the politicians of each party. We have supported letter writing campaigns by ICBP supporters and a process of direct engagement with a wide range of parliamentarians and Ministers.

Results and Evaluation

More than 65 pieces of supportive, on-message coverage across the national print and broadcast media, as well as key online channels. Coverage of note includes regular articles in the Financial Times, Independent, Guardian, Times, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph and Daily Express,  as well as leading BME titles The Voice and Eastern Eye. Politically we have secured issue champions in each political party and the foundation of an All Party Parliamentary Group to promote the frozen pensioners’ cause in Westminster. The campaign has increased declared support and membership throughout the current parliament via EDMs and direct correspondence. Strategic meetings have been secured with Ministers, policy makers and parliamentarians.

Featured publications

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    Financial Times
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    The Voice
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