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Living Streets

Client Objective

Living Streets wanted to create a completely new campaign for National Walking Month 2016, to increase awareness of the benefits of walking, especially amongst middle aged adults, and drive sign-ups to the charity online.

The key objectives were to:

  • Raise awareness of the social, economic and health benefits of walking, particularly among those aged 35+
  • Change behaviours by encouraging people to walk more in their everyday lives
  • Recruit 3000 people to ‘pledge’ to take part in activity by signing up to the charity’s database and information service
  • Secure 150 pieces of on-message coverage

Originality and Creativity

We wanted to create an engaging, accessible campaign which would inform the public, particularly the target age group, and ultimately lead to a change in behaviour with people walking more on a daily basis.

Walking is a simple activity so we sought to create a tagline that would reflect this while giving a clear call to action across marketing materials, social media, print, online and broadcast coverage.

#Try20 was devised as a response to the recommendation from the Government that adults should carry out 150 minutes’ exercise each week, of which walking 20 minutes a day can form a part. Previous research has highlighted that from the age of 35, the amount we walk declines, so the tagline was created to be a clear and achievable ask targeted at 40-60 year olds.

Strategy and Implementation

To deliver the #Try20 message, PHA commissioned a survey to make a big noise on the launch, which resulted in 353 pieces of coverage on the first day of the campaign in May. #Try20 was then used as a call to action throughout the rest of the month through different strands of activity which included sourcing and interviewing case studies, ambassador broadcast interviews, opinion pieces, diary style blogs, daily #Try20 email tips and social media interaction. In a world of new exercise fads, walking is often viewed as a forgotten activity, so the team worked creatively to broaden the appeal of walking by using personal trainer tips, emotive case studies and shocking statistics.

Results and Evaluation

We secured 452 pieces of quality, on-message coverage throughout National Walking Month, frontloading coverage in the initial stages of the month to boost sign ups and contribute to greater numbers of people committing to #Try20 in May. This included national, regional, consumer and broadcast coverage with clear mentions of Living Streets and the Try20 campaign, reaching over 48 million people.

7228 people signed up to the supporter base and committed to Try20 – representing more than a fivefold increase on the previous year.

92% of these #Try20 pledgers have said that they will continue to embrace walking in their everyday lives in the aftermath of May.

Additionally, through the hashtag #Try20, Living Streets attracted 600 new followers in three weeks, a 5% increase and the fastest growth the charity had seen on its account since its launch eight years ago.

This campaign not only smashed the set objectives, it created a conversation about a topic that had been overlooked, allowing Living Streets to engage with more supporters and broaden the public appeal of walking.

This year’s National Walking Month is the most successful our charity has ever had in terms of media exposure. The message that PHA helped us to create and deliver gave people a simple and realistic daily goal, yet still enabled us to show people how walking can improve our lives, both individually and collectively. The initial media noise around the campaign was fantastic and created a real buzz at the beginning of May. This helped us to capture the interest and imagination of many more participants than we expected.

Tanya Braun, Communications and Media Manager at Living Streets

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