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The Mongol Rally

Client objective

To produce a film that would generate buzz and help raise awareness about the Mongol Rally and the upcoming race the following year.


Over the years The Adventurists had produced some stunning video footage of the Mongol Rally since 2004.

Our concept was to take some of the best and funniest moments from this footage and create a short montage video, giving viewers a quick and engaging overview of the event.

Given the popularity of ‘Top 10’ style videos on YouTube, and the general popularity of top tip features in the media, we came up with the concept: “Top Ten Most Stupid Ways To Get To Mongolia”


Having come up with the concept the next step was to identify the clips that would go into the film. Thankfully there was no shortage of footage and the final film featured everything from clips of people driving fire engines to teams riding a bathtub and a yak!

We also needed a hook for the film to interest the media. We were able to time the release of the film with the end of the race, which gave us a strong enough hook for seeding.


The film was picked up by major media websites including The and the Daily Mail Online.

The video was also featured on Zoo Magazine’s website and was picked up by a wide variety of bloggers and travel sites.