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Client objective

PHA was tasked with the promotion of the electrical product range to a variety of media outlets, with a particular emphasis on women’s lifestyle titles, as well as securing celebrity endorsement, organising exclusive press events, launching new products and managing targeted campaigns.  The campaign included PR of existing products and new product launches.

Originality and creativity

PHA devised a 12 month ‘Hair School Campaign’ that focussed on a popular trend in the hair and beauty industry of tutorials, experiential features and ‘how-to’ guides that would highlight the electricals’ key message, and educate the press and consumer on how to achieve salon-styled hair at home.  This was an integrated PR campaign which spanned a variety of media outlets and promoted the full range of electrical styling tools in a new and exciting way.

Strategy and implementation

For each stage of the campaign we devised ‘lessons’, focussing on different subjects that could be linked to each of the product ranges.  For example, the Hair Biology lesson involved a series of journalist desk visits with a Nicky Clarke stylist discussing hair health, and how to keep your hair in a good condition, highlighting key elements of the electrical products. Hair Geography involved sending the electrical products to key bloggers to review whilst on holiday, testing them out in extreme climates and conditions.  The focus of the campaign was to allow journalists to really understand and experience the range of products available.

Results and evaluation

PHA achieved over 160 pieces of coverage for the Nicky Clarke electrical products over a 12 month period. This included coverage across national newspapers and supplements, weekly and monthly women’s magazines, beauty and lifestyle blogs and celebrity endorsement. The coverage not only increased brand awareness but also played a vital role in the brands relationships with product stockists.

PHA Media are a pleasure to work with! They understand our brand strategy and consistently gain strong coverage, improving year on year results. The team are incredibly proactive, and respond quickly to last minute opportunities for the brand. They are the perfect extension to our marketing team and the best PR agency I have worked with.

Clare Misra Burns, Marketing Manager Nicky Clarke Electricals

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