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Client Objective

To raise the profile of the Powwownow brand across national, regional, business and trade press. Create fun and engaging campaigns to reach Powwownow’s target audience of start-ups and small businesses that may not have already been familiar with the brand. We also worked to raise the profile of founder and CEO Paul Lees.

Originality and Creativity

Originality and creativity are central to Powwownow’s ethos in terms of raising their profile. When we began work in January 2014, the company had a good presence in London but were simply known as conference call service providers.

We have helped to widen the conversation and make flexible working a well-trodden subject across the mainstream media. Powwownow are now often cited as being one of the leaders in this realm while continuing to be small business enablers.

Strategy and Implementation

  • Creative campaignsThis has ranged from moving an entire office on to a roof, to hiring a body builder to change a water machine to hosting a yoga class in the middle of London. Each time making sure we achieve coverage for Powwownow alongside the relevant messaging.
  • Social media engagementWe work closely with the team at Powwowonow in regards to social media campaigns and look to gain an increase in engagement and website traffic.
  • Thought leadershipWe have written numerous looking at specific areas of expertise within the Powwownow ranks and helping to position the company and directors as leaders within their field, adding to the businesses’ credibility.
  • Surveys and data releasesCreating the news agenda has been a big part of our activity. Helping to create headlines such as ‘25% of workers in the UK have not been offered flexible working’ – which has enabled the company to be front and centre when it comes to major talking points.
  • News agenda hijackingUtilising the latest news stories has also been a key feature, the budget, tube strikes and extreme weather have all led to comment opportunities for MD Jason Downes.

Results and Evaluation

We have increased coverage of Powwownow across national, business and trade press, keeping the brand at the forefront of the industry and gaining the company further notoriety in the UK.

In one of our most successful campaigns PHA linked social with offline activity the business to showcase its personality and was able to build emotional connections with prospects, while increasing conversations and engagement on their social channels. The campaign also picked up the runner-up prize at the B2B Marketing Awards in the category ‘Best use of Social Media’.

Since we started working with Powwownow, the company have enjoyed a 20% year-on-year growth, have enjoyed their record month for minutes and are now looking at making bigger strides across Europe.

We should all be very proud of what we have achieved. Truly remarkable campaigns, fantastic content, wonderful PR and even an award or two. A huge amount of work, all produced to the very highest standard.

Simon Prince, Head of Customer Marketing, Powwownow

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