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Red Driving School

Client Objective

To increase RED Driving School’s online presence and and reach out to a new, younger audience on social media who were on the cusp of learning to drive. The ultimate aim was to generate traffic and sales.

Originality and Creativity

Our primary aim was to reposition RED as the driving school of choice for a young pupil audience who eager to learn to drive and who were active across multiple social channels.

The basis of this was creating fun, creative and consistent content that appealed to a teen audience, one aspect of which involved identifying teenage celebrities of a similar age to our audience and who were interested in learning to drive.

We extended RED’s social strategy to include Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, allowing to brand to target and grow a new audience base across multiple platforms.

Strategy and implementation

Celebrity Ambassadors

We have worked closely with Games of Thrones star Maisie Williams and Scottish singer Nina Nesbitt, providing them with driving lessons in exchange for participation in an integrated campaign involving photo shoots, press interviews and social media promotion.

Both Nina and Maisie promoted their driving lessons across their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels, generating huge engagement with their followers.

Vauxhall Football

We also established a partnership with Vauxhall and Soccer AM to help presenter Tubes learn to drive. A key target audience of Soccer AM is the teenage demographic.

Lessons were shown during Soccer AM episodes and hosted on both Vauxhall and RED’s YouTube Channels. We also worked closely with Tubes to promote the lessons on his own social channels.

Associated content has include social giveaways in aimed at young football fans, with prizes including tickets to see Premier League football matches.

Results and Evaluation

  • Over 13m social media impressions generated since January 2013.
  • Tubes and Vauxhall partnership has so far generated over 85,000 views on YouTube.
  • Widespread coverage across national, broadcast, regional, consumer, trade and online media.
  • No paid for activity