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Client objective

The fundamental objectives of the campaign were to:

Raise awareness of SKYCIG as the healthier alternative to smoking to the two thirds of smokers who want to quit the habit, yet are unable to do so without the help of a quit smoking aid

Increase orders by twenty per cent and in particular exceed last year’s sales figures by twenty-five per cent

Increase traffic and level of interaction on the website by thirty per cent
Drive interest and engagement in the SKYCIG Facebook page

Dominate the share of voice amongst competitor brands in a fast growing and increasingly competitive industry.


Originality and creativity

The campaign identified an opportunity to tap into why people smoke initially, rather than focusing on telling them to give up altogether and it did this in a fun and engaging way whilst maintaining a serious undertone. The ‘I Saw This and Thought Of…’ series of videos resonated with consumers, who could see themselves in the different situations which we highlighted, and instead of feeling lectured at, saw there was an alternative to traditional cigarettes. The ‘shareable nature’ of the videos encouraged a ‘we are all in this together’ vibe and removed shame / embarrassment felt by those people disappointed in themselves that they couldn’t give up the habit without an aid.

Strategy and implementation

PHA led and set the news agenda by undertaking key research amongst consumers to understand what the main behavioural triggers are which lead people to pick up a cigarette. To give the survey credibility and to add substance and interest to the results, PHA Media worked with leading behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who offered an insight into the differing behaviours of male and female smokers.

PHA’s Digital & Production team filmed and produced several short clips, alongside a video montage titled ‘I Saw This and Thought of…”, highlighting some of the excuses which smokers give when they fail to quit the habit. The videos then introduced SKYCIG as the ideal alternative, demonstrating how the product really works, and can help users break away from traditional cigarettes.

Results and evaluation

The campaign was incredibly successful, with a total of twenty-eight pieces of coverage achieved across the media spectrum. Standout pieces of coverage include a live debate on BBC Radio 5 Live show with SKYCIG’s UK Commercial Director, an appearance on BBC1’s The One Show, a review piece on Mail Online, as well as pieces in Metro and The Scottish Sun.

On the 13th March, SKYCIG tripled sales – versus the same day the previous year – with £112,702.04 worth of sales placed online. SKYCIG also doubled the number of orders placed, with 2,964 individual orders placed, versus 1,400 orders placed on the same day last year.

The total reach of the campaign was 150,559,514 (across all strands of media)

The execution of the National No Smoking Day campaign was phenomenal; the integrated campaign devised by PHA Media ensured that the digital, traditional, broadcast and viral sectors of media were engaged with our key messaging regarding swapping traditional cigarettes for a healthier alternative. it was a unique and innovative content-sharing mechanic which was very much the catalyst for our success, both sales wise and in relation to changing the perception of the e-cigarette industry

Damien Scott, SKYCIG UK Commercial Manager

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