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Client objective

SKYCIG wanted to launch an integrated traditional and online campaign to coincide with National No Smoking Day.

The brief was to raise awareness of SKYCIG as a healthier alternative to smoking for anyone looking to quit.

The campaign would need to drive engagement, traffic and ultimately sales.


We wanted to create a series of videos focusing on the reasons people typically give for why they can’t quite smoking.

We felt it was important to show real people and make the films as natural and authentic as possible. As the same time we wanted to keep each film short and punchy so we could get our message across in a clear and engaging way.


Once we had created the concept the next step was to identify the typical reasons people give when saying they can’t quit smoking.

Our research identified lots of reasons ranging from ‘stress’ and ‘relaxation’ to ‘boredom’ and ‘enjoyment’. These reasons provided the basis of six films we created.

The films were seeded everyday through social media channels and also as part of a wider online PR campaign.


PHA seeded one of the videos each day leading to a forty per cent increase in the level of engagement on SKYCIGs Facebook page.

This result, combined with the 28 pieces of coverage secured by the PR team helped tripled sales for SKYCIG during National No Smoking Day 2013 compared to the sales for the same day in 2012.


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