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  • Michael Bisping UFC Sport PR Case Study

Client objective

To raise awareness of UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organisation, their roster of elite athletes and their calendar of live events across Europe. We also continue to work to help UFC reach new audiences and to enhance public understanding of the sport of MMA.

Originality and creativity

We work with UFC to activate creative campaigns around every UFC EMEA event and every European UFC fighter. From promoting individual fighters utilising their backstory, through to planning multi-channel fight week activity, we are continuously working to create engaging and informative content that helps to increase awareness and aid understanding.

Strategy and implementation

We work with UFC athletes on an ongoing basis, to unearth new stories and to create emotive content which is then used across a range of media and social media channels.

We have developed numerous new relationships for UFC with mainstream news and sport outlets, educating them about MMA and providing them with the access and content they need to cover the sport regularly. This process continues…

Results and evaluation

Our work has led to UFC athletes being featured in a broad range of mainstream titles, including the likes of GQ, Esquire, Financial Times Weekend Magazine, The Independent Magazine and BBC World News.

UFC is now covered regularly by more media outlets in the UK than ever before, and is a regular feature on many mainstream sports news pages.

We have also helped to deliver successful events in multiple locations across Europe including in Stockholm, Krakow, Berlin, London, Dublin, and more.

The whole team were fantastic at, and also during the build-up to, the event. They came up with and organised numerous successful activities with other athletes, pitched and got us published in publications that would never typically cover UFC and were extremely organised throughout.As always, I don't know what I would have done without them!

UFC UK Marketing team

Featured publications

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  • BBC Breakfast
  • The Sun
  • Yahoo!
  • Sun+
  • Daily Mirror
  • Forever Sports
  • FT Weekend Magazine
  • independent_masthead
  • Mail online
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