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University of the Arts London

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Client Objective

At UAL, the ability to deliver communications to thousands of internal stakeholders therefore relies on an effective central framework.

PHA Media were briefed in 2014 to conduct an audit for UAL’s senior leadership team on the university’s internal communications strategy. In particular, our specialists were tasked with identifying challenges in delivering effective internal communications to a wide range of employee stakeholders across the University, and identifying opportunities to enhance the existing structure.

PHA Media’s audit would aim to provide top-line guidance for the University and the Colleges on how they could meet best-in-class standards in internal communication to staff.

Originality and Creativity

A good internal communications programme should provide consistent, regular and robust communications to key stakeholders.

With its complex structural framework of six Colleges operating alongside University Services, the University of the Arts London has a particular set of challenges in delivering a unified internal communication strategy that is aligned with all stakeholders.

PHA Media interviewed key stakeholders at the University to build an understanding of opportunities and challenges in delivering a central internal communications strategy. Our insights based on these interviews, together with recommendations on best practice standards in internal communication, formed part of our audit.

Strategy and Implementation

PHA Media worked closely with UAL’s senior leadership team to conduct in-depth research identifying all areas of responsibility for internal communication within the organisation, together with creating a map of all avenues of internal communication. This would provide the basis of a detailed report which PHA Media then presented to the board.

Results and Evaluation

The top line recommendations in PHA Media’s audit formed part of a more comprehensive review of the University’s internal communication strategy. PHA Media identified many positive opportunities for UAL’s leadership team to foster strong engagement and collaboration between staff, and new platforms to be utilised as part of a successful internal communication strategy.