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Vannin Capital

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Vannin Capital is a litigation funding company, meaning it invests in high-value commercial court cases where claims exceed £5 million. The litigation funding model means a company such as Vannin Capital foots the legal bill for a claimant in return for a share of the eventual damages. More widely used in America and Australia, the industry is growing in the UK and Vannin Capital is the most active player.

Client Objective

Vannin Capital hired PHA Media to give it more of a voice in the sector against longer established competition. We were tasked to give Vannin Capital greater profile in the legal world but also take its story beyond those boundaries and educate the wider business world on litigation funding and the merits of business using the model when fighting claims at the High Court.

Strategy and Implementation

PHA Media worked with Vannin to create a series of Thought Leadership articles which would explore the virtues of litigation funding in media seen and read by business leaders. As well as funding, PHA Media tapped into the wide-range of legal expertise at the company in order to explore wider comment opportunities on wider legal matters, both in the mainstream and business press. Part of the strategy also including news of cases funded by Vannin being given to the press – the first time the company had done this.

Results and Evaluation

Regular coverage achieved in the main legal titles with Vannin Capital experts seen as the go-to authorities on funding. Articles placed in The Times, Telegraph, Independent and the Financial Times, as well as a number of Though Leadership articles placed in quality business and high-end financial titles. We also secured the first TV ever appearance of any funder in the UK market.

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